How I Growth Hacked Twitter Moments

I've been curious about Twitter moments for a while. They're a pretty straightforward way to communicate effectively with your followers. But I was interested to see if there was a way to use them to significantly grow a Twitter following.

Here is what I came up with:

1. Create a Twitter Moment. It's pretty self explanatory. 

2. Compose 3-5 tweets that will serve as content. Be sure to number them (ex. Tip #1,2,3 etc.)

3. Make your first tweet in the Moment an explanation of why people should browse it. 

4. Make your next two or three tweets in keeping with the theme of your moment.

5. Intersperse an "About Us" tweet halfway through.

6. Include tweets from influencers in the space.

7. Close with a strong CTA

8. That's almost it. Now go create an "Brand Awareness" campaign in Twitter. You can read an amazing post about it here from AED.

9. Redesign the ad to look exactly like the post that Twitter submitted on your behalf when you created the Moment. 


Here is mine as an example below:

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P.S.- It's 9 steps and I somehow avoided naming this post "9 Crazy Steps to Growth Hacking Awesomeness".

Matthew Helbig